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prevent Provided at no cost to the survivor, the Cancer Survival Toolbox® is a self-learning audio program created by leading cancer organizations to help people develop essential skills to meet the challenges of their illness. The program contains a set of basic skills to help navigate a diagnosis and special topics on key issues faced by people with cancer. NCCS also has disease-specific modules on several different types of blood cancers

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A message from National Coalition for
Cancer Survivorship

prevent_page If you're reading this message, you probably know someone who is affected by cancer. Many of us - an estimated 12 million of us - are survivors ourselves, and no matter what type of cancer we or our loved ones have, we all need to be empowered to take charge of our care. National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) is the nation's oldest survivor-led organization advocating for quality cancer care for all people affected by cancer.

Life completely changes when someone hears the words, "You have cancer." In addition to the havoc it wreaks on our bodies, cancer affects us emotionally, spiritually, and financially. NCCS provides tools and resources to help survivors navigate their cancer journey and deal with many complex issues we face from diagnosis through and beyond treatment.

NCCS has advocated for quality cancer care since 1986, when its founders established the definition of survivorship from the moment of diagnosis through the balance of life. We inform, educate, and empower individuals and influential organizations, and we advocate on their behalf with policymakers, institutions, and our nation's leaders.
With the resources we provide - like the award-winning Cancer Survival Toolbox® - and by advocating on behalf of all cancer survivors in Washington, DC, NCCS is your partner in achieving quality, patient-centered cancer care.

We are proud to partner with Amgen and three other national cancer nonprofits in the Breakaway from Cancer® initiative for the sixth consecutive year. This wonderful partnership gives us a chance to raise awareness about and to put helpful resources directly into the hands of people who need them. Together, the Breakaway from Cancer® partners are helping many individuals navigate their cancer journey - from prevention through long-term survivorship. Together, we are part of a powerful team fighting cancer.

Nina Wendling
Executive Director, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Empowering Cancer Survivors

survivor_page Founded by and for cancer survivors, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) advocates for quality cancer care for all people touched by cancer and provides tools and resources that empower people to advocate for themselves. Patients empowered with information and tools can receive optimal care by making their needs known to their doctors and care teams. NCCS strongly believes in evidence-based advocacy that reflects the needs of all cancer survivors to effect policy change at the national level. By advocating for patient-centered, coordinated care through treatment planning and care planning, NCCS is ensuring that the needs of cancer survivors remain at the center of healthcare policy.

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